Nubia is a planet blessed with plentiful rivers, clean air, and more giant trees than you can shake a stick at. Nubians have always taken a great deal of care for their planet, and enjoy living in harmony with nature and protecting it. Due to this, they have a great deal of natural resources and are known for their high exports of sustainable lumber and crisp, clean water. The clean air is great for camping, and a great number of tourists often flock to the Nubian mountains for rafting, hiking and sight-seeing in the summer, and skiing and ice climbing in the winter.

Nubians are also well known for their energy and colorfulness. Despite their obvious love of nature, when it comes to themselves, Nubians couldn’t care less for the natural and frequently dye their hair bright colors, and sport a great variety of piercings. Even small children can be seen with purple or green hair (as opposed the usual brown, black, or the rare blond). Loud parties are also quite common, as Nubians love to have a good time. It is also worthwhile to note that rainbow weed (a plant very similar to Earth’s cannabis, aka marijuana) is widely consumed on Nubia for both recreational and spiritual uses, and is considered completely legal.

One of the few downsides to the giant forests is that they are inhabited by a great variety of giant insects. Though the insects have been known to carry off small children, Nubians have created a great many charms that effectively ward off such predators and have almost eliminated the problem entirely. And even if tourists ever feel unsafe, they can always retire to the colorful markets, or hypnotic nightlife that exists within Nubia’s large, bug-free cities.

Because of the short fur-like layer of hair that covers their bodies, and the appearance of large ears and horns, Nubians are often called goat-people in jest. Like goats, Nubians are born hornless, and as they mature, small horns (usually yellow or black in color) grow onto of their heads. You can tell how old a Nubian is based on the length of their horns. There is no known species that Nubian can interbreed with and produce offspring.